Who We Are
Mission Statement
The Healthy Child Coalition is committed to building capacity and ensuring healthy lifestyle outcomes for children and families in the Central Region.
The Healthy Child Coalition Central Region was initiated with the support & sponsorship of Child and Family Services and the Regional Health Authority of Central Manitoba in April 2000 and the Ad Hoc committee of the coalition was established in November 2000. Today a steering committee representing coalition partner organizations directs the work of the coalition. The Coalition is one of twenty-six parent child coalitions in Manitoba funded by Healthy Child Manitoba.
Representation on the Central Coalition currently comes from Family Resource programs, Child Care Centers, Education, Child & Family Services, Family Services and Housing, the Regional Health Authority, Parent Councils, Recreation, and Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives. Parent Child Coalitions bring together parents, family resource programs, child care centres, school divisions and health professionals to support parenting and improve children's nutrition and literacy, and build capacity for helping families in their own communities.
Kids playing
What we do
A crucial time for investing in the health and well being of children is in the preschool years. Communities make important contributions to the well being of children. The Healthy Child Coalition promotes and implements programs and services that support Healthy Child Manitoba's four healthy child priorities:
1. Promote Positive Parenting
Parenting workshops and programs
2. Promote Nutrition
Family nutrition and food preparation
3. Encourage Family Literacy
Early years literacy programs & training
4. Build the capacity of communities to support healthy families.
Regional training workshops, networking , sharing of resources.
Terms of Reference
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